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A Song and A Poem

I happened to come across two very different creative works that felt right to set the tone as we ease into the Spring-Summer of Coronavirus 2020. Before sharing these selections though, I'd like to: congratulate my wonderful students and colleagues at the Iowa Writers' Workshop who got through a challenging semester with grace, thoughtfulness and determination. 

Overall I want to thank those from all walks of life who keep this world going through their daily work. I'm also grateful to the many who in their individual, personal ways, keep us all going with their care. 

I also wish to express sincere condolences to those who have lost loved ones at this time and my heart goes out to those who continue to suffer because of this pandemic. 

The first selection on offer is a song. I happened to come across it just before adding this page to the website. It’s from one of my all-time favorite artists, Prince, and will probably be my “theme song” for this part of my site (I’ll be humming it in my head at least): 

The second selection is a really lucky find for me. Through a few internet off-ramp turns, I happened to come across this lovely poem. Even though Richard Wilbur is (probably) addressing the sign-carrying  “end is near” types that used to be all over the place in major cities, I think this poem could apply to anyone who seeks to manipulate us into despair and thereby undermine progress. I love the traditional approach to this poem. It reminds us that people have always had these naysayers in society and that we know better. Wilbur’s “argument” is also great to read through. There’s also audio of the poet reading it, further down the page:  

Hope you enjoy these. I wish you a wondrous Spring even if its just from your window.